Accessible AJAX

I am working on a Mozilla grant to create AJAX test cases using the WAI-ARIA Accessibility Markup. In particular, my focus is on how AJAX live regions should be marked up. This page contains links to the test cases that I have created as well as my suggestions for parts of the spec which are not yet defined. As this is very much a work in progress and the spec itself is still in development, new test cases will be added and existing test cases may be changed at any time. The latest version of my report on using the WAI-ARIA live regions markup is here.

The test cases are divided into three groups: the simple test cases, the advanced test cases, and the application test cases. The simple test cases illustrate the behavior of one markup attribute at a time. The advanced test cases illustrate interactions between mulitple markup attributes. The application test cases are designed to showcase the potential of accessible AJAX in realistic applications.

There is a discussion thread regarding these accessible AJAX test cases on the newsgroup on

The Simple Test Cases

The Advanced Test Cases

The Application Test Cases

Test Cases for Suggestions